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The Stop Smoking For Good Company

At The Stop Smoking For Good Company, we specialize in providing free or affordable-to-all, proven help to stop smoking.

From our All-Free Stop Smoking Help Mega-List to our Smoke-Free Key Stop Smoking Program, we provide only the absolute finest, quickly-accessed stop smoking help available. And never with a big pricetag.

A Quick History

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"The Stop Smoking For Good" Audio Cassette Retail Packs

The Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program

5-Session, Science-Based Program
10-Piece Pack – Suggested Retail – $39.95

We've produced affordable stop smoking programs designed specifically for mass distribution, since 2003. That's when we launched this website and introduced our Stop Smoking For Good 10-piece Audio Cassette Retail Packs. Science-based, doctor-tested, proven, full-length, structured and affordable at just $39.95 retail.



"How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days"

How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Day Paperback Stop Smoking Program

Complete, Science-Based Program
160-page Paperback Suggested Retail - $14.95
ISBN 0-9782140-0-5

Following the warm reception of our cassette program, after extensive program updates, we published a paperback version of our complete program. Entitled, "How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days" the 160-page book remains a popular choice and is still in print today. It's available in major bookstores & libraries throughout North America and U.K. - or worldwide, through Amazon.



"The Stop Smoking For Good" Audio CD Retail Packs

The Stop Smoking For Good Audio CD Stop Smoking Program

6-Session, Science-Based Program
10-Piece Pack – Suggested Retail – $39.95

Success breeds success and so following our paperback program we introduced our Stop Smoking For Good 10-piece Audio CD Retail Packs. Extensive updates guaranteed we maintained our status as the world's most complete, affordable digital program... again at just $39.95 retail.

What's New for 2019

Nothing's changed: Full-length stop smoking classroom programs still claim the #1 success rate of all proven cessation methods.

Our 2019 Smoke-Free Key Program© replaces the classroom with your favorite device!

The "Key's" been freshly updated and is guaranteed to be the most advanced, science-based, digital stop smoking program on the market.

If you have a device, we have your program. eBook files include .epub, .mobi, .pdf, .doc & .txt. libraries. AudioBook files include .m4b & .mp3. libraries. Access is instant.

Integral to "The Key" program is our "1st-Response-to-Craving©" offline-only mobile app. Tap it every time cravings strike. Keep track of what's triggering your light-ups while practising new ways to effectively change old habits. Links to the app are here.

You can also take advantage of the power provided by a long list of other proven methods and techniques to ease the transition and greatly improve your chances for long-term successful cessation.

And now at just $11, everyone can afford to use an intensive stop smoking program.

With files for all popular devices, this comprehensive, proprietary, science-based program meets and/or exceeds all leading world health authorities guidelines for classroom smoking cessation programs.

Get complete "Key" program's details, here.

Coming Soon

Designed for Mass Distribution

The Smoke-Free Key© on USB
The Smoke-Free Key USB Retail Card

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•Hospitals  •Health Clinics  •Pharmacies  •Schools  •Retailers  •Community Centers  •Prisons
•Airports  •Cruise Ships, etc.

An All-New, Potent, Physical Product

The Smoke-Free Key on USB© – The first new, legitimate, tangible, smoking cessation product to be introduced to the medical and retail markets in several years.

"The Key on USB" features our complete Smoke-Free Key Program© – both eBook and AudioBook – on a high-quality, stainless steel, 2gb USB "Key".

With files for all devices and with an expected retail of $18.95, "The Key on USB" presents an intensive smoking cessation program in an exciting, affordable, all-new physical product.

Now You Can Do It.