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The Smoke-Free Key Program© Details

The 2019 Smoke-Free Key Stop Smoking Program© is now available to download.

We've designed and produced intensive smoking cessation programs, built specifically for mass distribution, since 2003.

The Smoke-Free Key© is our latest, full-length, stop smoking program. With the "Key", there's no need to sit in a classroom – it's on eBook and AudioBook and it's installed on your device.

Our "1st-Response-to-Craving©" mobile app rounds out this comprehensive program, providing vital details on every light-up along with an effective, long-term craving-handling strategy.

Formatted for your device. eBook file choices include epub, mobi, pdf, doc and txt. AudioBook files include .m4b and .mp3 files. The complete, 4+ hour program is just $11 for eBook or AudioBook – with nothing else to buy, ever.

This year, we traded our paper-based program support tools for our all-new, "1st-Response-to-Craving©" offline-only mobile app. Tap the app icon every time craving strikes – during the program to record details on every light-up and after the program to assume control of the craving.

Load the program onto your Apple®, Windows®, Kindle®, or Android® device(s). Then, following a quick self-assessment, choose either a 5-day or 5-week program.

Stimulating, full-length, science-based, The Smoke-Free Key© can easily accommodate any lifestyle, while providing ongoing, daily, proven support – regardless of factors such as schedule, location or budget.

Ideal to support prescription meds and other proven cessation methods, the "Key" easily fulfills support program recommendations for to all NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) users – and when combined, guarantees a significant increase in chances for long-term success.

"...a combination of behavioral counseling & pharmacological treatment can boost success up to 10 times." – U.S. Surgeon General

Now universally affordable (maybe for about the cost of a pack of cigarettes) and instantly accessible worldwide! All information used is current, condensed and guaranteed complete, accurate & effective.

What is it, exactly?

The Smoke-Free Key© is a full-length, intensive classroom stop smoking program – only minus the classroom. Instead, we've developed an intensive, highly-effective, digital program for your PC, phone or tablet.

Completely free of conjecture, stories, opinions and un-tested theories, the Smoke-Free Key© adheres to all leading world health authorities content guidelines for intensive, classroom smoking cessation programs.

This complete, proprietary, six-session (30-minute Introduction and five 45-minute, separate, unique Modules) smoking cessation support program is the result of years of research and development, with input from ex-smokers, medical doctors, therapists, tobacco treatment specialists – and people from all walks of life who have alerted us to news stories, study findings and other useful information over the years.

We've dissected the very finest cessation programs from around the world and combined their key elements with current cessation facts, statistics and study findings to produce this full-length, science-based, structured, educational program.

It's also filled with proven behavior techniques used by today's top athletes and business professionals to quickly build motivation and affect behavior change. For additional support, the program also features our exclusive mobile app.

The "Smoke-Free Key" Content
Introduction & 5 Modules:



  • Is This Program Right For You?
  • Only When You're Ready
  • The Program
  • Get All the Help You Can Get
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Choose Your Stop Day
  • A Program for Everyone
  • Put In the Work and the Results Will Come
  • Your Personal Support Team
  • Do it for "You"
  • Our Choice
  • The Trigger Tracker
  • Visualization
  • Daily Affirmations


  • Education Makes All the Difference
  • The Nature of the Habit
  • Every Smoker Becomes a Spokesperson
  • You're Worth It!
  • We Just Go Along With It
  • Decision Making 101
  • Short Term Benefits
  • Long Term Benefits
  • Fear Schmere
  • Changes
  • You Win!
  • How would you handle a second chance?
  • Module One Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation



  • Smoking Is Big Business
  • You're Just a Number
  • Preying on our Youth
  • Hollywood's Role
  • Hollywood's Response
  • What's It Really All About
  • We've All Been Duped
  • Your Personal Top 10
  • You're a Winner!
  • More Great Benifits
  • Repetition Works
  • Our Greedy Subconscious
  • Replacing Negatives
  • More Startling Statistics
  • Secondhand Smoke News
  • Thirdhand Smoke
  • Smokeless Tobacco
  • Module Two Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation


  • Like Finding Money in the Street
  • More Motivation
  • Let's Look At Cigarettes From A New Angle
  • Beware: What You Don't See Can Hurt You
  • What About "Addiction"?
  • Addiction – Assmiction. Why Do We Really Smoke?
  • More On the Two Main Reasons
  • Support Habits
  • The Original Anti-Reward System
  • You Become What You Believe
  • Smoking and Women
  • Weight Gain
  • More On Physical Addiction
  • It's All a Big Lie
  • Time to Resume Control
  • Module Three Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation



  • The Goal
  • Controlling Stress
  • Paint Your Own Picture
  • Finish With the Lies
  • Be Honest With Yourself
  • Honesty Default
  • A New Choice
  • Just Let It Happen
  • The Predictable Nature of Cravings
  • Guaranteed Success Every Time
  • The "Big" Decision
  • The "Real" Cost Of Smoking
  • Let's Accept The Responsibility
  • It's All Up To You
  • An All-New You
  • More Health Issues
  • Keeping It A Choice
  • Deprivation
  • More Great Reasons to Stop Smoking
  • One Final Thought
  • Module Four Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation


  • Something New to Love
  • Putting It Altogether
  • The Cravers Code
  • Practical Application
  • Rewards
  • What Else to Expect
  • A Personal Commitment
  • Part B: Staying Stopped For Good
  • You're Not Smoking – Now What?
  • What Will We Do With Ourselves?
  • Distract Yourself
  • You Are Prepared
  • Keep It Positive
  • Prepare to be Questioned
  • Same Habits For 2 Weeks
  • Ups and Downs
  • Avoid H.A.L.T.
  • Substitution
  • Watch Your Mouth
  • Metabolism Change
  • No More Fear
  • Your New Lifestyle
  • Enjoy Life
  • A Final Word

Stop Smoking Classroom Programs – Is the classroom important?

Smoking cessation seminar programs are well known for their effectiveness. They traditionally require attendance in a classroom for five or six, thirty to forty-five minute classes. Average costs are commonly over $200. Then there's waiting lists, awkward start times and the huge inconvenience of attending classes.

Despite the high success rate, classroom cessation programs have never been a popular choice. Now studies show, for the average adult, classroom programs offer very little – if any – advantage over their digital counterparts.

The "Smoke-Free Key©" is just such a program – and for most adults, a welcome alternative to the classroom.

You'll enjoy all the benefits of a proven, full-length, 6-session smoking cessation support program, plus you'll receive ongoing daily support for as long as you need it – without ever attending a single class!

And you can begin your program immediately!

So why sit in a classroom when you can easily load the Smoke-Free Key© onto your favorite device?

With your support program always within reach ...

Now You Can Do It.™

So How Does the Program Work?

During the five-day (up to five-week) countdown to stop day, the "Key" program helps you prepare gently, gradually, step-by-step.

Start with an examination of the smoking addiction, peeling back the layers for an in-depth look at it from the inside out.

Our exposé of the tobacco industry reveals the role they've played in your life and the truth behind why you got started smoking, how you became hooked and why you keep smoking when you don't want to anymore.

You'll also uncover the critical weaknesses of craving – and the most effective ways to exploit these weaknesses to your full advantage.

Further power-building techniques, such as positive substitution, conditioned response, daily affirmations and visualization exercises are used to significantly reduce initial and long-term discomfort and ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

You can download the Smoke-Free Key© program here for just $11.

You'll practice your craving-handling strategy in a non-threatening environment and get a sense of what being in control is going to feel like.

Tap your mobile app's "Trigger Tracker©" for details on every light-up. With all that information, combined with the program's considerable content, you'll be prepared like never before! And that's the time to do it – when you know you're prepared and it just feels right.

But unlike typical classroom programs, this smoking cessation program doesn't end on graduation day. Expect daily, ongoing support for as long as you need it, with craving relief just an app tap away.

Your craving-handling strategy will go to work for you every time you tap the app icon and choose the "Cravers' Code©".

And because most bouts of craving are basically constructed the same way, once you're able to effectively control one, you can effectively control them all.

You'll come to see craving as simply a "cost of doing business" (we reason, if you aren't craving, you're smoking). With success after success, fear dissolves, confidence soars and once you reach that point, successfully beating the craving every time can become a very uplifting, empowering experience.

Couple that with the series of positive changes occurring in your life at the same time and you may find that the whole "stopping smoking thing" actually becomes enjoyable!

And what makes this approach even more exciting, is that the more you use it, the stronger you will become; your chances of long-term success can actually increase with time! Ready to get started?

Start The Smoke-Free Key Program Now