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Providing proven help to stop smoking for everyone has remained our mission over the past 20+ years. We offer the world's finest free, or affordable-to-all quit smoking help. From our Ultimate All-Free Stop Smoking Help List© to our Smoke-Free Key Smoking Cessation Program© featuring our 1st Response to Craving© management app, you can expect only the very best, ad-free, quickly-accessed, stop smoking help available, anywhere.

Our 21-Year History

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"The Stop Smoking For Good" Audio Cassette Retail Packs

The Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program

5-Session, Fact-Based Program
10-Piece Pack - Suggested Retail ‐ $39.95

At just $39.95 retail, our Stop Smoking For Good 10-piece Audio Cassette Retail Packs were an instant hit. It was 2003. We weren't prepared and the demand quickly exceded our inventory. But by then our program revisions were well underway and professional, studio production was being set up. Amidst all that turmoil, somebody suggested putting out a book at the same time.



"How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days"

How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Day Paperback Stop Smoking Program

Complete, fact-Based Program
160-page Paperback Suggested Retail - $14.95
ISBN 0-9782140-0-5

Following extensive updates of our original program, in 2007 we published a step-by-step paperback version of our program. Entitled, "How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days", the 160-paperback was a popular choice, available through major bookstores & libraries throughout North America and U.K. - and worldwide, through Amazon. But, with so many program updates in our 2023 Smoke-Free Key program, we had no choice but to discontinue printing of our out-dated paperback program.



"The Stop Smoking For Good" Audio CD Retail Packs

The Stop Smoking For Good Audio CD Stop Smoking Program

6-Session, Fact-Based Program
10-Piece Pack - Suggested Retail ‐ $39.95

Next came our Stop Smoking For Good 10-piece Audio CD Retail Packs - advertised as the world's most complete, current, affordable digital program available. And at just $39.95 retail, once again, we quickly sold out.

But then online program downloads became popular and everything changed. Now we were able to deliver our digital program instantly, without ever running out of inventory. And without expensive physical packaging, we could drastically reduce the cost to consumers.

What's New for 2023 & Beyond

Cigarette sales have steadily increased during the Covid-19 pandemic while studies show smoking & e-cigarette use nearly doubles the risk of the disease's progression. Conversely, the availability of quality stop smoking help has suffered a major blow, with social distancing all but eliminating intensive smoking cessation classroom programs, country-wide.

Our Smoke-Free Key Program© is guaranteed to be the most advanced, complete, intensive stop smoking program available anywhere. No classroom required.

Today, the guaranteed world's most advanced, intensive stop smoking program can be instantly accessed with a couple of clicks. Load the Key onto your favorite device and receive instant access to a guaranteed, full-length, proven stop smoking program. eBook files include .epub, .mobi, .azw3, .docx, .odt & .txt. libraries. AudioBook is all on .mp3. libraries. With instant access, your program starts whenever you're ready.

Woven into The Smoke-Free Key Key Program© is our exclusive "1st-Response-to-Craving©" offline-only mobile app. Tap the app icon every time craving pangs strike. Keep track of what's triggering your light-ups, while practicing new ways to effectively change old habits.

This proprietary, fact-based program meets and/or exceeds all leading world health authorities guidelines for intensive, full-length smoking cessation programs.

And now, at just $11 for the complete program, everyone can afford to take advantage of the highest success rates possible, by combining an intensive stop smoking program with other proven cessation methods. (See our All-Free Help to Stop Smoking List).

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