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The Stop Smoking For Good Company

The Stop Smoking For Good Company began in Canada fourteen years ago with the launch of this website and introduction of our first, full-length, science-based, digital stop smoking program, specifically designed and packaged for mass distribution.

Simply titled, "Stop Smoking For Good" the 10-piece Audio Cassette Program Retail Pack broke new ground. Packaged for mass distribution and priced at just $19.95, it was guaranteed to be the most complete science-based program in the world.

Like today, good programs were scarce back then and with the average cost of a classroom program at $220, this was truly a science-based cessation treatment breakthrough! No one had ever seen ‐ or heard ‐ anything like it! Encouraged by open-armed acceptance everywhere we went, we just kept on going.

Next, we published our 160-page paperback program "How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days" ‐ again, another breakthrough: this time with a freshly updated, complete, 6‐session, stop smoking program on paperback. Paperback! Usually under $14.95.

Now any smoker in need could read what was being taught in the best classroom programs ‐ without the inconvenience of sitting in a classroom ‐ and at a fraction of the cost!

Encouraged by the success of our cassette & paperback programs, we entered the recording studio and began work on our professionally‐produced 10-Piece Audio Cd Program. Freshly updated, packaged for mass distribution and very reasonably priced at $19.95, we knew the world was ready for this. Imagine. Now you could pop a CD into the car stereo and listen to your program on the way to work. Or from your hospital bed. Or on an international flight. Wow! That's exciting! And groundbreaking! It gets better.

Our new, "Smoke-Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program©" is by far our most complete program to date. It can be downloaded now ‐ in video, audio and text formats for all popular devices. Smokers who wish to begin their smoking cessation program immediately can start with the no‐charge Introduction Module and Carry Along Support Tool Kit. Then, each of the five, 45‐minute, unique Modules are just $2.50. Or get the complete program ‐ all 5 Modules for $9.95. Downloads are instant and as with all of our programs, "The Smoke-Free Key©" is free of advertising and comes with a money‐back guarantee.

One very happy by"product of constant updates and program development is our Mega‐List of All-Free Help to Stop Smoking. 100% Guaranteed legitimate, current & all-free " featuring all the free North American Quitlines. We don't know of another more complete list of free help to stop smoking.

We're also very excited about our "Smoke-Free Key 8-Piece USB Retail Packs" ‐ coming soon to a store near you, at an amazing $14.95 retail! Our goal has always been to drastically reduce the number of smokers in the world. These little packs can help us achieve that goal.

We intend to widely market this new USB retail pack in all countries and languages, starting with Canada/U.S. With the only possible outcome being a widespread reduction in the number smokers, we're looking forward to the revolution!

Today we enjoy an active presence on several social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and we post topical smoking cessation news on our Smoke-Free blog.

Thanks for visiting. Please let us know if you would like to get involved. We'd love to hear from you.

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