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"How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days" Paperback Support Program

How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days Paperback


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About The "How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days Paperback Program"

We've combined the most up‐to‐date stop smoking facts, statistics and study findings with a carefully selected collection of the world's most powerful behavior modification methods. The result is our exclusive, "How To Stop Smoking For Good In 5 Days" program ‐ now available on Paperback!

This complete, proven cessation program delivers a complete, A‐Z, proven coping and management system, devoted entirely to helping you quickly modify your life to become & remain an ex-smoker.

Stimulating, full‐length, science‐based. Our paperback cessation program is designed to accommodate any lifestyle and provides ongoing, daily, proven support – regardless of schedule, location or budget.

There's instruction on coping methods like deep breathing and positive focus; behavior techniques like daily affirmations and visualization exercises and proven craving-handling strategies like repetition and purposeful distraction. Plus several effective methods to help you build and maintain motivation.

This structured, informational, science‐based cessation program is suitable for all smokers‐and ex-smokers who still crave.

Also included on the back pages: Progress Log Pack Wrappers© to help with triggers and routines, a Cravers' Code Wallet Card© to read when craving strikes and an Insist on the List Wallet Folder©,used as part of a proven craving- handling strategy‐that crushes them every time. You can also download and print the carry-along support tools here, for free.

Like an expensive classroom stop smoking program
‐ minus the high price and the classroom.


Complete, Science‐Based Program

How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days Paperback Program

160-page Paperback Suggested Retail - $14.95

Don't want to wait? Download the updated program ‐ "The Smoke-Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program"


The "How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Day Paperback Support Program" features:
Our Exclusive Carry‐Along Support Tool Kit
Plus No Pressure & Complete Step-by-Step Instructions

Or get your paperback program through your favorite bookstore, or most North American libraries.
Just ask for ISBN 0-9782140-0-5

No classroom. No pressure. Go at your own speed.