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Every day THOUSANDS of people stop smoking permanently thanks to hypnosis. It's smart, practical therapy that's growing in popularity - and often recommended by doctors.

Hypnosis Programs to Use at Home

Although hypnosis has not yet been accepted by 100% of the mainstream medical community as a viable smoking cessation aid, at the 2007 annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians, a new study presented found that hypnosis was more than twice as effective as quitting "cold turkey," and over three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy.

There are many current and past research articles supporting the use of hypnosis with smoking cessation.

Some websites reviewing these articles from professional journals can be found at:

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Easy Quit® Hypnotherapy 



By Valerie Dawson - Counselor and hypnotherapist for over 18 years

  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) destroys your desire to smoke

  • Groundbreaking advanced technique

  • Doctor recommended

  • Complete package $47

  • Convenient, trustworthy ordering

Suitable for Everyone

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Better Living With Hypnosis® 



By Steve G. Jones - Clinical Hypnotherapist


  • Mastered in state-of-the-art recording studio

  • If you smoke, your mind has been programmed by repetition, which can be undone easily and effortlessly through the power of hypnosis

Suitable for Everyone

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With Hypnosis
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Quit Smoking Forever® 30-Minute Hypnosis 



Simplest hypnosis program ever - 
Just one simple download

Quit Smoking Forever® 30-Minute Hypnosis

  • 5-Star Rating

  • Audio download

  • Only 30-minutes long

  • Powerful hypnosis session

  • Listen whenever you feel the urge to smoke

  • Reinforces your will to quit each time you listen

Suitable for Everyone

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