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Alternative Strategies

We feature a variety of safe alternatives to the standard medically-recommended choices to smoking cessation.

Despite a lack of support from the general medical and scientific community, many of these products claim high success rates. So, with that in mind, we invite you to be the judge.

Alternative Strategies - Choices Abound!

There are many choices, when it comes to alternative strategies to help you stop smoking.

And because smoking cessation is a life changing event, affecting many aspects of our lives, using a variety of methods & strategies to help with the changes, is never a bad idea.

While we've taken care in chosing our listings, some of these remedies, while completely safe, could be considered controversial as a treatment to stop smoking, by some in the medical community.

Stopping smoking involves making several personal changes - and some of these products may appeal to you, to help with that. Each is completely safe and with a money-back guarantee, so is your investment.


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Use Reiki Therapy to Help You Stop Smoking


Guidelines for living a gracious life

Reiki - For the improvement of body and mind. 

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REIKI - Holistic Therapy for Healing

Requires an active commitment to improve oneself. 

Reiki CDs will enhance and reinforce all Healing, Psychic, Aura and Chakra activities.
Plus the Grounding and Clearing CDs will make either process more powerful and effective.

Includes meditation teachings and spiritual balance. 

Special Offer Buy one CD and receive one Free! 


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Fhen Shui - Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Products & Services 

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and Services

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Powerful Leaders Use
This Ancient Knowledge

Successful business people like Donald Trump, Ruppert Murdock and Oprah Winfrey are all using the Oriental form called Feng Shui.

The Los Angeles Times reported that News Corp., Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard and Ford Motors are also using Feng Shui.

So what do these Powerful Leaders, Multi-Billionaires and Major Corporations know that you don’t?  Perhaps they know that Feng Shui is a successful tool for building, for diagnosing and for focusing energy to birth, build and create their goals, their dreams and their futures. 



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Start Meditation - Stop Smoking

Free online mini-course


Money Back Guarantee

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Stop Smoking

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You will learn:

Powerful techniques of meditation

Basic Yoga postures

How to use fasting to strengthen your mind and body

The process of deep relaxation

Yoga's "secret weapon" for attaining inner and outer peace

How to select food that is good for your mind and body


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The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide


Easy to understand format walks you through the entire process

Very Complete e-course

Money Back Guarantee

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Lung Detox Guide

This most complete, effective and informative lung detoxification program will give your body no choice but to eject the tar and gunk - that is slowly killing you.

Every aspect of detoxification and smoking cessation, from the physical to the psychological, is covered in an easy to read, easy to understand format that steps you through the entire process whether you still smoke or if you have already managed to quit.

You will be breathing easier in a few months when your lungs get that first gasp of good, fresh, clean oxygen into your blood stream!


For best results, always combine alternative strategies
with a support program

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