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  • Take control of the habit - and feel great about it!
  • Slaughter cravings every time they strike!
  • Avoid unnecessary weight gain!
  • Beat the "blues" and "nic-fits"!
  • Learn how to live smoke-free with much less anguish & discomfort often associated with quitting smoking.
  • Make a smooth transition from smoker to ex-smoker - and make it stick - for life.
  • No registration. No waiting to begin. No classroom.


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Video, Audio and Text Introduction Files for the Smoke-Free Key


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Carry-Along Support Tool Kit used in the Smoke-Free Key program


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Get started on your program, right now! - Download the 2014 Smoke-Free Key stop smoking program Introduction files and exclusive Carry-Along Support Tool Kit at no cost! This full-length, intensive, proprietary, 6-session, behavior-based, stop smoking program, begins with the free, 40-minute Introduction (followed by five 45-minute+ daily Modules) Our complementary Carry-Along Support Tool Kit includes: "Progress Log Pack Wrappers" to help expose triggers and break routines, a "Cravers' Code Wallet Card" to use every time craving strikes and an "Insist on the List Wallet Folder", an integral part of the program's proven craving handling strategy. 


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 Program Module Downloads for Most Devices - Just $2.50 each

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Stop smoking with your favorite device.

Includes hundreds of video, audio and text files for all popular devices, including:

.pdf, ppt, .html, .mp4, .doc, .mobi, .ppt, .pdf, .txt, .mp3, .epub, etc.


Smoke-Free Key Downloads for Module 1

Downloads for Module 1 just $2.50

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Downloads for Module 2 just $2.50

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Downloads for Module 3 just $2.50

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Downloads for Module 4 just $2.50

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Downloads for Module 5 just $2.50


Now You Can Do It!

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This complete smoking cessation support program delivers an A to Z, proven coping and behavior & management system, to help you quickly become & remain an ex-smoker - For Life!
Now you can own the complete 6-session program for less than the cost of a couple of packs of cigarettes!

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Get All 5 Audio and Text Modules for just $9.95

This structured, informational, up-to-date cessation program is suitable for all smokers - and ex-smokers who still crave. 

It's designed to accommodate any lifestyle or situation and provides ongoing, daily, proven support – regardless of schedule, location, budget or most other conditions.


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