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The Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program

The Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program

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Now You Can Carry Your Support Program With You!

About "The Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program"

We've combined the most up‐to‐date stop smoking facts, statistics and study findings with a carefully selected collection of the world's most powerful behavior modification methods. The result is our exclusive, "Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program"!

This complete, proven cessation program delivers a complete, A‐Z, proven coping and management system, devoted entirely to helping you quickly modify your life to become & remain an ex-smoker.

Stimulating, full‐length, science‐based. Our audio cassette cessation program is designed to accommodate any lifestyle and provides ongoing, daily, proven support – regardless of schedule, location or budget.

There's instruction on coping methods like deep breathing and positive focus; behavior techniques like daily affirmations and visualization exercises and proven craving-handling strategies like repetition and purposeful distraction. Plus several effective methods to help you build and maintain motivation.

This structured, informational, science‐based cessation program is suitable for all smokers‐and ex-smokers who still crave.

Also included: Progress Log Pack Wrappers© to help with triggers and routines, a Cravers' Code Wallet Card© to read when craving strikes and an Insist on the List Wallet Folder©, used as part of a proven craving‐handling strategy ‐ that crushes them every time. You can also download and print the carry-along support tools here, for free.

Like an expensive classroom stop smoking program
‐ minus the high price and the classroom.

Download the updated program ‐ "The Smoke-Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program"

"The Stop Smoking For Good Audio Cassette Stop Smoking Program" features:
Our Exclusive Carry‐Along Support Tool Kit
Plus No Pressure & Complete Step-by-Step Instructions

Or get your paperback program through your favorite bookstore, or most North American libraries.
Just ask for ISBN 0-9782140-0-5

No classroom. No pressure. Go at your own speed.