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The Smoke-Free Key

The Smoke-Free Key© Program History

The Stop Smoking For Good Company and the "Smoke‐Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program©" began in 2003 with the launch of this website. But it really started six years earlier, when program developer and now Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Scot Fetherston began extensive research and smoking cessation program development. Through this website, we offered easy access to the world's first, affordable, science‐based, full‐length, digital stop smoking program. That was a radical idea back then.

Simply titled, "Stop Smoking For Good", the initial audio cassette program was a true pioneer smoking cessation product. Packaged for mass distribution and priced at $39.95 suggested retail, we were definately forging new territory back in '03.

Our website was clearly unique too, offering online ordering of a genuine, top‐quality, digital stop smoking program, affordably priced and available to everyone.

This all‐new global accessibility, along with the portable, compact packaging, generated excitement from all over the world. We contacted many smoking cessation experts and health authorities with invitations to evaluate our program and those who responded, loved it!

Wow! This was getting exciting!

With 100% positive feedback, it was obvious the design worked well. So we kept going.

In 2007, after extensive program development, we published what could easily be the world's first, complete, science‐based stop smoking program on paperback. "How to Stop Smoking For Good in 5 Days" is a full‐length, science‐based, structured program on a 160‐page paperback program ‐ so now, for the first time, readers could move from smoker to ex‐smoker step‐by‐step simply by following along the structured program. The book has grown in demand and is still in print in Canada, U.S and the U.K. and available through all major bookstores, libraries and on Amazon.

These multiple successes ‐ the cassette packs and the paperback program, further proved the fact that, indeed, cessation programs don't need to be taught in a classroom to be effective.

Advancing with technology, we entered the recording studio, and with professional voices and production, produced an unrivaled program, packaged in a counter‐ready, 10‐piece audio CD retail pack.

We'd experienced the high demand for portable, cessation programs with our cassette packs so it was no surprise when the CD Packs were very well received. Again packaged for retail and priced at a modest $39.95 retail.

Once again, we contacted the leading health authorities with an invitation to evaluate our latest science‐based program, which we boldly described as "the world's most complete, digital smoking cessation program". Many accepted our invitation ‐ and as expected, all left satisfied we had indeed produced the ultimate digital, science‐based smoking cessation program.

Unanimous positive feedback for our updated program, coupled with the growing demand for a new, legitimate, stop smoking retail product, pushed our continued development into this all‐new, science‐based resource.

The Smoke‐Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program© is now available.

We know of no comparable, proven, science‐based, digital smoking cessation program ‐ and we guarantee you don't either. With hundreds of audio, video and text file choices, the 2017 "Smoke‐Free Key Program©" is easily the most unique and complete digital smoking cessation program on the market. And all for just $9.95. Downloads are available now.

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Designed for Mass Distribution

The Smoke-Free Key USB Retail Card©

The Smoke-Free Key USB Retail Card

Suggested retail is just $14.95. Through mass marketing, widespread exposure to this intensive, science‐based, smoking cessation program is certain to have a quick and significant impact on any smoking population exposed to it. A proven fact!