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The Smoke-Free Key

The Smoke-Free Key© Program Details

The 2017 Smoke-Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program© is now available to download. The "Key" is our latest and most complete, full-length science-based stop smoking program. We've been providers of intensive smoking cessation programs designed specifically for mass distribution since 2003! See program history here.

The Smoke-Free Key is a structured, full-length, educational, go-at-your-own-pace, proven cessation counseling program. It's free of conjecture, stories, opinions and un-tested theories and adheres to all world health authorities guidelines and protocols for structured, evidence-based, full-length smoking cessation programs. The "Key" is doctor-recommended and suitable for all smokers & ex-smokers who still crave - providing they're able to learn outside of a classroom.

The Introduction and Carry-Along Support Tool Kit are completely free and available to download now. Then each of the 5 Modules are just $2.50. Or get all 5 modules - the complete 3 1/2 hour program - for just $9.95! There is nothing else to buy, ever. And with over 50gb of video, audio and text files including html, doc, mobi, ppt, pdf, mp3, epub mov, avi, wmv, txt, mpeg, mp4, swf, the Smoke-Free Key© is easily the most complete program of it's kind. And watch for our Support Tools mobile app coming soon.

The "Key" is unique as it enables instant, widespread exposure to a powerful, proven cessation program - regardless of usual factors including: schedule, location, budget, mobility and transportation, health, age, literacy, and many special needs and situations. There's truly no other cessation program like it on the planet!

With a multitude of popular delivery methods and formats, access to a full-length stop smoking program is now just a couple of clicks away. Load it onto a favorite device and your program will always be with you, ready when you need it. Choose from hundreds of video, audio & text files for your Apple®, Kindle®, & Android® devices. Now you can carry your support program with you! Use as a 5-day or 5-week program, based on your level of addiction and to suit your personal needs.

Ideal to support prescription meds. Easily fulfills recommended support program recomendations for NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) users. Provides support well beyond NRTs' capabilities for a significant increase in chances of long-term success. Now universally affordable (under $10) and instantly accessible worldwide! Start for free, now. All information used is current, condensed and guaranteed complete & accurate, with all updates in place for 2017. We know of no other program in this league.

Imagine. A full-length, structured stop smoking program - with no classes to attend! Just load up your favorite device and participate when and where you want. It's all up to you - the program is yours to keep and use freely as you choose. Tested, proven and highly effective combination of current facts & statistics, with coping methods, motivation building & behavior modification exercises for a surprisingly smooth transition from smoker to ex-smoker.

The program includes everything you need - with a complete Carry-Along Support Tool Kit, plus daily audio/visual Information modules. All formats provide easy, instant access - help is always within reach when you need it. No more blindly going it alone, cold-turkey. From now on, your support will always be there with you.

Along with the free Introduction and Carry-along Support Tools, The Smoke-Free Key© features 5, information-packed Modules:

  • Education Makes All the Difference
  • We Just Go Along With It
  • Decision Making 101
  • Short Term Benefits
  • Long Term Benefits
  • Smoking and Women
  • More Great Reasons to Stop Smoking
  • Controlling Stress
  • Fear "Schmere"
  • Weight Gain
  • Changes
  • You Win!
  • How would you handle a second chance?
  • Nicotine Provides a Quick Buzz...
  • It's all a Big Lie
  • Time to Resume Control
  • Module One Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Education Really Makes All the Difference
  • Smoking Is Big Business
  • You';re Just a Number
  • Preying on our Youth
  • Hollywood's Role
  • Hollywood's Response
  • What's It Really All About
  • We've All Been Duped
  • Your Personal Top 10
  • You're a Winner!
  • The Nature of the Habit
  • Every Smoker Becomes a Spokesperson
  • You're Worth It!
  • Startling Statistics
  • Module Two Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Like Finding Money in the Street
  • More Motivation
  • Let's Look At Cigarettes From A New Angle
  • Beware: What You Don't See Can Hurt You
  • What About "Addiction"?
  • Addiction - Assmiction. Why Do We Really Smoke?
  • More On the Two Main Reasons
  • Support Habits
  • The Original Anti-Reward System
  • You Become What You Believe
  • Repetition Works
  • Our Greedy Subconscious
  • More On Physical Addiction
  • Module Three Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation
  • The Goal
  • Paint Your Own Picture
  • Finish With the Lies
  • Be Honest With Yourself
  • Honesty Default
  • A New Choice
  • Just Let It Happen
  • The Predictable Nature of Cravings
  • Guaranteed Success Every Time
  • The "Big" Decision
  • The "Real" Cost Of Smoking
  • Let's Accept The Responsibility
  • It's All Up To You
  • An All-New You
  • More Health Issues
  • One Final Thought
  • Module Four Assignment
  • Relaxation Exercise
  • Visualization Exercise
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Something New to Love
  • Keeping It A Choice
  • Deprivation
  • Putting It Together
  • The Cravers Code
  • Practical Application
  • Rewards
  • What Else to Expect
  • A Personal Commitment
  • Part B: Staying Stopped For Good
  • You're Not Smoking – Now What?
  • What Will We Do With Ourselves?
  • Distract Yourself
  • You Are Prepared
  • Keep It Positive
  • Prepare to be Questioned
  • Same Habits For 2 Weeks
  • Ups and Downs
  • Avoid H.A.L.T.
  • Replacing Negatives
  • Substitution
  • Watch Your Mouth
  • Metabolism Change
  • No More Fear
  • Your New Lifestyle
  • A Final Word

It's proven: Education builds motivation. Daily, ongoing support plus utilization of tried and true craving-handling strategies, will reduce duration and ease severity of withdrawal symptoms while dramatically boosting chances for long-term success. Powerful cessation methods reduce stress and hardship. Coping techniques significantly reduce initial and long-term discomfort.

Practicing your step-by-step craving-handling ritual provides consistent control and quickly builds confidence. Behavior exercises provide initial ease and build mental strength and energy for prolonged cessation. These exercises include visualization, positive substitution, repitition, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, conditioned response, daily affirmations, mindfulness training, craving-handling rehersal and much more.

This complete, propietary, six session (35-minute Introduction and five 45-minute+ seperate Modules) smoking cessation support program is the result of years of research and development, with input from ex-smokers, medical doctors, therapists, tobacco treatment specialists - and people from all walks of life who have alerted us to news stories, study findings and other useful information.

We know of no more complete, up-to-date program to help you prepare for, become and remain an ex-smoker, regardless of your schedule, location or budget.

We've disected the very finest cessation programs from around the world and combined their key elements with current cessation facts, statistics and study findings to produce this science-based, structured, educational program. It's filled with proven behaviour techniques used by today's top athletes and business professionals to quickly build motivation to affect change. For additional support, the program also features an exclusive Carry-Along Support Tool Kit.

During a five-day to five-week countdown to your pre-arranged "stop day" the Key program prepares you gently and efficiently, while you practice avoiding high-risk situations and remain focused and motivated with methods such as positive substitution, daily affirmations, visualization and relaxation exercises. During the countdown, you'll also begin to change the habits that lead to smoking while gradually changing the way you think and feel about smoking.

With five 45-minute information and behavior exercise sessions, by the time you reach your scheduled "stop day", you will have practiced your craving-handling strategy in a non-threatening environment and know exactly what to expect - and how to handle it. You'll be prepared like never before! And that's the best time to break free from the smoking habit - when you are prepared!

But unlike typical classroom programs, your smoking cessation program doesn't end there. With the Smoke-Free Key Carry-along Support Tools, plus the complete five-module video/audio/text program on your favorite device, you can count on daily, ongoing support to be there when you need it - for as long as you need it. Use free Quitlines for ongoing human contact and to boost your success rate.

Smoking cessation seminar programs are well known for their effectiveness. They traditionally require attendance in a classroom for five or six, thirty to forty-five minute classes. Last time we checked, the average cost in Canada for such a program was $220 - and you don't get to take it with you. Then there's waiting lists, awkward start times and the huge inconvenience of it all to contend with. The "Smoke-Free Key" is different. You can begin your program immediately - just visit our Downloads Page. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a proven 6-session smoking cessation support program, plus ongoing daily support for as long as you need it - without ever attending a single class!

So How Does It Work?

If you're like the average smoker, you would truly love to stop smoking, but you believe the task is simply too difficult. Fully 70% of all North America smokers report they want to stop.

It is also quite likely you've made more than one attempt to stop smoking in the past, only to end up smoking again. Sound familiar? Don’t feel too bad. 97% of all cold-turkey attempts made this year will end in failure.

So why is it so hard? And what's the best plan of attack for long-term cessation?

Stopping smoking is a complex task and unfortunately none of us were born with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully deal with every intricate facet. Like any complex task, it can be greatly simplified through education and practice.

"The Smoke-Free Key" program can provide you with the education and practice you need to greatly reduce the enormity of the transition.

Become thoroughly prepared to stop smoking, first - before your actual "stop day" - through an in-depth examination of the smoking habit - from several angles - while you practice proven techniques used successfully to help shape behavior of the world's top athletes and executives. Then equip yourself with an always-effective, strategy to control cravings and put it to well-practiced, practical use - before &qout;taking the plunge".

With up to 45 minutes of daily instruction and mind exercises, by the end of Day 5, you'll be prepared like never before. And that's the best time to make your move. Your chances for long term success skyrocket when you're this prepared!

Your craving strategy will be working for you every time you use it and with success after success, your fear will dissolve as your confidence soars.

You'll learn to take control of craving and your smoking addiction from a more professional stance, compared to that of an amateur one.

You'll feel great about your accomplishments as your doubts disappear. Finally, you will be in total control of the habit - instead of the habit being in control of you! And what makes this approach even more powerful, is that the more you use it, the stronger you will become; your chances of long-term success can actually increase with time!

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." -- Mark Twain

Want to get started on a program that works? Download the Smoke-Free Key program here.

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