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Smoke-Free Key Guarantee

The Smoke-Free Key© Double Guarantee



1. If you closely follow the Smoke-Free Key program, you will reduce the amount you smoke or we'll refund your money.
2. If you find a more complete digital smoking cessation program for a lower price within 30 days of purchasing the Smoke-Free Key program, we'll buy that program for you and refund your money.


The "Smoke-Free Key Digital Stop Smoking Program©" is a complete 6-session, behavior-based seminar program, available in multiple formats through downloads and soon in an 8-piece USB retail pack.

So now you can begin your stop smoking program without delay - in your own environment and at your own pace, on your favorite device.

Then, over the next 5 days to 5 weeks, become a non-smoker, gently and naturally - without the pain and anguish usually associated with quitting smoking.

You should find it stimulating & uplifting - not negative and difficult. And without even leaving your car, office or favorite easy chair!

We know of no other more complete program available anywhere, at any price - and in so many formats.

Ready to get started on your Smoke-Free Key© cessation program?  Click here for downloads and Coming Soon: Order a Smoke-Free Key 8-piece USB Pack©

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