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The Smoke-Free Key

The Smoke-Free Key© Digital Stop Smoking Program

The 2017 Smoke-Free Key© program is ready to download! Soon with our handy new Support Tools mobile app. Use it every time the craving strikes. Keep track of what's triggering your light-ups while practising new ways to effectively change old habits.

And take advantage of the power provided by proven methods and techniques guaranteed to greatly improve chances for long-term successful cessation.

Featuring visualization exercises, daily affirmations, deep relaxation, positive substitution and much more, the "Key" is easily the most complete, advanced, digital, science-based smoking cessation program, ever. And at just $9.95, it's affordable to all.

With files for all popular devices, this comprehensive, proprietary, science-based program meets and/or exceeds all leading world health authorities guidelines for smoking cessation programs.

"...a combination of behavioral counseling & pharmacological treatment can boost success up to 10 times." ‐ U.S. Surgeon General

Consider this: Full‐length classroom programs boast the highest success rates of any cessation method. Why is that? It's not likely because of the classroom, but more likely because of the content the program provides. Find out all about the "Key" program's content here.

Download the complete 6-session "Key" program instantly at our downloads page. Or just get acquainted with the free Introduction files.

A Short Program History

At The Stop Smoking For Good Company, we've specialized in affordable stop smoking programs designed specifically for mass distribution, since 2003. That's when we launched this website and introduced our 10-piece audio cassette retail packs. Science‐based, tested, proven, structured and affordable at just $39.95 suggested retail.

Then, following extensive program updates, we published a paperback version of our audio program (still available through most bookstores & libraries).

Next, came our 10-piece CD retail packs, freshly updated and again guaranteed to be the world's most complete, affordable program ‐ and again at just $39.95 retail.

Today, you can download the complete, proven program immediately ‐ for under ten dollars! Freshly updated and soon featuring our all‐new 1st-Response-to-Craving mobile app. And, as always, guaranteed to be the most affordable, complete, up‐to‐date, science‐based, digital stop smoking program on the market.

Get more details on our program's history here. Find out more about us, here.

Now You Can Do It!©

Coming Soon:

The Smoke-Free Key Carded USB

The Smoke-Free Key USB Key Card

New Retail Product: The Key on USB. A complete, full-length, science-based stop smoking program for everyone. 1st-Response-to-Craving mobile app included. Proven highly effective. Affordable to all at $14.95.

1st-Response-to-Craving Mobile App

The 1st-Response-to-Craving Mobile App

Tap the app to open 2 options:
#1. The "Cravers' Code" and within it, the "Insist on the List" ‐ 2 proven craving‐killers introduced in Module 5 of the program.
#2. The "Trigger Tracker" and within it, "My Trigger Trends" ‐ an ever ‐building, full-colour record of exactly what's pushing your light-up buttons ‐ all stored offline, within the program.