Order 24 Dozen Smoke-Free Key Packs

Order 24 Dozen
Smoke-Free Key USB Packs


The Smoke-Free Key Counter Display


  • The Smoke-Free Key is a full-length, structured stop smoking program, in an 8-piece USB kit.
  • Each pack contains text, audio and video files for most devices including: mp3, epub, mobi, html, doc, txt, avi, mp4.
  • Every pack contains a personal, unique key number for complete access to our online library of videos for all devices.
  • Includes a full Carry-Along Support Tool Kit


With hundreds of files, this is easily the most complete program of it's kind - we guarantee it.


Now You Can Do It!


The Smoke-Free Key 8-Piece Kit Contents

Suggested Retail - $14.95 each

Distributor Cost - $5.35 each x 12 = $64.20 per dozen x 24 dozen = $1540.80 (FOB Vancouver, B.C.)

We use PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! You don't have to register with PayPal to use it. All you need is a valid credit card and a minute or so!  Your credit card will be charged $1540.80 (plus freight & taxes where applicable) and your kits will be shipped immediately.  There are no additional charges, ever and your safety and security are guaranteed. Each kit contains a full set of files that include: mp3.zip, epub.zip, mobi.zip, .ppt Powerpoint, .htm HTML, .doc Word. All for just $14.95 retail.


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Order 24 Dozen Smoke-Free Key
Counter Display 12 Packs for $1540.80 (plus freight)


Now you can carry your support program with you!


Used and Recommended by Professionals Worldwide Since 2003

"Very comprehensive and helpful."
-- Jo-Anne Douglas, Canadian Lung Association

"I have already seen positive results in patients and the Smoke-Free Key program will become part of our treatment philosophy."
-- Dr. P. Connyette US MD, Program Director, Canadian Biologics
Cancer Clinics Worldwide

"...a combination of behavioral counseling & pharmacological treatment
can boost success up to 10 times."
- U.S. Surgeon General

Guarantee - If you find a more complete smoking cessation support program for less money, within 6 months of purchase, we'll buy that program for you and refund your money.


Now You Can Do It!


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